FAQ's About GrowBiz

All About Grow Business and Grow Equipment Finance


All About Grow Business and Grow Equipment Finance

Who is GrowBiz?

GrowBiz is a specialist small to medium business funding specialist. We help small and new businesses grow or expand by supplying innovative financing such as our Grow Equipment Finance and Trade Finance product lines.

All About Grow Equipment Finance

Choosing a vehicle or equipment

Growbiz has an extensive network of vendors nationwide, nearly 2,500 in fact. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we can link you up with someone who will source the equipment you need quickly. We also fund private sales for transport and construction equipment, so if you’ve found an asset you’d like, complete our short website form and we’ll be in touch soon.

What is the interest rate?

As Growbiz finance solutions are rental products, there is no interest rate. Furthermore, unlike a bank loan or other traditional funding option, all weekly payments are 100% tax deductable.

How does Grow Rent work?

  • You start on a short 12 month agreement, and can claim 100% tax deductibility on each affordable weekly rental payment.  We offer a long-term ownership plan with heavily discounted rent as you continue to build equity

Grow provides a number of flexible post initial 12 month contract options :

  • Continue renting if you’re not sure whether the equipment is right for your business or you don’t have enough cashflow to purchase outright.   For approved customers we will even extend the terms out to 3-years.
  • Purchase equipment outright at any time with a generous rebate
  • Or simply return the equipment with no penalties if the equipment isn’t right for you.