Business Advisory

Business Advisory


Our business advisory team will assess your situation through a diagnostic review. The review will develop the “as is” position of your business from which solutions can be offered. Solutions include identifying the pressure points of your business and implementing initiatives that will provide sustained business outcomes, both financial and operational.

Clients typically have the following experiences :

Over Trade : Rapid growth but cash flow has not been able to keep up
A business is performing well but a division or subsidiary is a drain on profitability
Cash flow constraints are causing creditor pressure
The business is underperforming or sales are falling short of expectation
The business owner would like to prepare for an exit either by sale or by succession

Our Services

Tax Office and Creditor negotiations:  ATO liabilities, Statutory Demands, Winding Up Notices, Director Penalty Notices, ATO payment plans, trade creditor demands, ATO negotiations and personal liability, personal guarantees

Business Restructure:  What is needed for a successful restructure? Insolvency issues and how to deal with them in a restructure. How to identify and isolate a problem business line or component. Strategy – financial and operational. The true value of your balance sheet.

Insolvency and appointing Administrators and Liquidators:  Always the last resort but it is important to have a strategy in place before appointing an Administrator or Liquidator to your company.  Administrators are representatives of the court and act for the best interests of creditors, not directors.  As a director you need to appoint someone to represent your best interests.

Sale of Business:  Make sure you maximise the value of your business when preparing to sell.  A business can sell for 3 times EBIT or it can sell for 6 times EBIT.  If you spend some time preparing your business for sale you can maximise the return.

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Capital and Equity:  Grow can assist your business with direct capital and or equity investment.  Further, we can assist preparing your business for an external equity or capital raising.  It is important when presenting your business to an investor that you speak to the investor in a method that makes them understand what the hook is.

Growth Strategies:  Rapid growth is always followed by cash flow pressure.  It is important to prepare for the cash flow holes before they happen by using a number of capital management strategies.